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I am currently unable to accept new clients until fall 2024. If you can't wait for an appointment, consider purchasing the mitt and perform self MLD until you can get in! See link above! Current clients, please text or email me for the booking link.

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Specializing in lymphatic drainage massage therapy


Fluid Motion Massage offers lymphatic drainage massage to anyone who desires to  experience the many health and wellness benefits that go along with stimulating your lymphatic system, as well as treating health conditions/concerns like lymphedema, lipedema, chronic venous insufficiency and edema from cosmetic, orthopedic and cancer related surgeries. This drainage massage is much different than your normal massage. We use a circular skin stretching technique that opens the superficial lymphatics, which are skin deep. With slightly deeper touch focused over lymph nodes to stimulate the lymphatic system. The 3 main roles of the lymphatic system are fluid regulation/balance, waste transportation and immunity.  A lymphatic drainage massage is such a powerful tool for eliminating swelling; detoxing and ridding our bodies of the crud, crap and debris that we ingest, that we accumulate through cellular process (Yes, our cells poop too!) and that get into our systems through our environment.  Not to mention our lymphatic system is a huge part of our immune system, and who wouldn't want a stellar immune system to protect us from pathogens, viruses, bacteria and cancer cells!


Check it out!! Not only does it provide great health benefits, but it FEELS GOOD too! You may just find you LOVE it more than a typical massage!

My mission: To provide clients an all-natural approach to cellular detoxification, managing and reducing swelling/edema, boosting immunity and immense relaxation through lymphatic drainage massage.

My vision: To heal through my hands.

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My name is Abby Maleport and  I am a LANA certified lymphedema therapist, licensed massage therapist, physical therapist assistant and certified personal trainer.  My goal is to use my skills of lymphatic drainage massage to make people feel better from the inside out by reducing inflammation, promoting healthy cells, boosting your immune system, reducing pain and treating complex swelling and lymphatic dysfunction and disorders.   I provide my services from my private studio in my home in West De Pere, WI.  I hope that you consider trying this massage and see the benefits to your health and well being!

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Everyone can benefit from lymphatic massage! Check out a few of the benefits:

  • Reduce swelling and bloating

  • Improve skin integrity 

  • Boost the immune system 

  • Pre and post surgical indications for orthopedic and cosmetic surgery

  • Speed recovery from sports related lactic acid build up and recovery from trauma to tissues

  • Remove toxins

  • Pain reduction

  • Whole body detoxification

  • Relaxation

  • Potential for improvement in symptoms of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

  • Manage venous edema, lymphedema and lipedema

  • Post mastectomy/lumpectomy management of swelling, scar tissue and pain

  • General health and wellness by removing stagnant fluid

The massage provided will be customized to meet your specific goals!

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"As a former colleague of Abby’s, I can tell you Abby is an awesome clinician who is amazing in her skills. She will tailor your treatment using all her background knowledge and expertise in the areas of physical therapy, lymphedema treatment and massage to give you top notch treatment. She achieves excellent clinical results with her clients. Our mutual clients have spoken so highly of her and looked forward to their sessions with her. She is kind, warm and friendly, is ethical in her practice and provides a highly valued service! I highly recommend Fluid Motion Massage!" Maria Baker

"I never had a lymphatic massage before yesterday and WOW is all I can say. I do not have edema or any other underlying condition that I would necessarily need this. However I do want to be the healthiest me possible so I thought "I'm going to try it". To be 100% honest I was hoping it would help boost my immune system. I can say I got way more than that!!! I felt so energized, focused and less sluggish after that massage!!!! Who wouldn't be happy with those results?!?!? As for my immune system it's truly to early to tell (it's only been one day) but the reboot of my system is enough to make me a believer and now know I NEED this service. Literally most everyone can benefit from it!!
I also need to give a shout out to Abby!! She is so welcoming, knowledgeable and explains everything to make sure you are totally comfortable. Super relaxing room, decor and music. Definitely a MUST!!!!!" Chrissy Dietrich

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The answer varies depending on the purpose behind getting this massage.  If you are looking for general health and wellness, I would recommend monthly.  If you have swelling problems, increased frequency is required.


After this drainage massage expect to urinate either with more frequency or volume as this massage stimulates the lymphatic system which is responsible for fluid volume.  You may feely achy as the toxins are leaving your body, but this will be temporary lasting up to a few hours.  Drinking plenty of water and staying active afterwards will drastically help.


You will start by filling out a client intake form so Abby can get to know you and meet your needs. During the session you will lay on a standard massage table face up. This technique is done best with hand contact directly on the skin so you will be asked to undress to your level of comfort with proper draping supplied.  Soft relaxing music and dim lighting will create a nice atmosphere.  Abby will have you begin with deep breathing while you lay quietly for 3 minutes. Then the lymphatic massage will begin starting at the neck/shoulder and abdomen (if allowed) and working her way down each arm and leg, returning to the center after each limb.  She will end with lymphatic drainage of the neck/face.  The massage sequencing may vary based on each clients needs and goals.


A typical deep tissue massage is done with deep pressure to stimulate your muscular structures often with a kneading, rolling and gliding technique at a moderate to fast pace. A manual lymphatic drainage massage is stimulating your superficial lymphatic system and lymph nodes which are delicate and require a skin stretching, rhythmic and slow technique.

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5 simple ways to stimulate your lymphatic system RIGHT NOW!

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For additional information on lymphedema, edema and lymphatic massage check out the following links

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