I am a certified lymphedema therapist, physical therapist assistant and certified personal trainer.  My goal is to use my skills to make people feel better from the inside out by reducing inflammation and promoting healthy cells.  I offer a variety of customized services from my home, in a private setting to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I hope that you consider trying this massage and see the benefits to your wellness!

My mission: To provide clients an all natural approach to cellular detoxification, managing and reducing swelling/edema, boosting immunity and immense relaxation through lymphatic drainage massage.

My vision: To heal through my hands.



In my spare time I love to go camping with my family, spend time outdoors, working out, eating food, especially sushi, and spending time with friends.  I love to eat and have a hard time knowing when to quit! But would you believe I am not the best cook! 


I am that person who doesn’t have the patience to follow the recipe and thus I typically “wing it” which doesn’t work out well! Also if I see a recipe with words I can’t pronounce or more than 8 ingredients, it’s not for me.  This is where I need a personal chef, maybe one day!  I love animals of all kinds but particularly love dogs and horses. 

My second passion is serving the aging/senior population.  I accomplish this by offering in home fitness training as a certified personal trainer!  My goal is to keep the aging population in their homes as long as safely possible by working on strength training, flexibility training, balance training and fall prevention.  To learn more about this service, you can visit my Facebook page @Fluidmotionfitness



Educational background: I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology from UW-Green Bay in 2007.  My original plan was to go onto UW-Madison to pursue a Master’s of Physical Therapy degree, however after being accepted to the school and starting to discuss financial responsibility, I decided that this was not a realistic plan.  Instead I attended NWTC and graduated with an Associate’s Degree in the Physical Therapist Assistant program. 

I knew that I wanted to help people recover from surgery and illness, so I started my career as a physical therapist assistant in local skilled nursing homes.  It is very fulfilling seeing the progress and goal achievement of my patients to allow them to return to their prior levels of functioning and living their highest quality of life.  Throughout school I have always had an interest in swelling and lymphedema.  After receiving some added hands on experience from co-workers throughout the years, I decided to take a continuing education course at UW-Milwaukee to become a certified lymphedema therapist (CLT) in 2017. 

I have since taken multiple additional educational courses and have been actively treating people with venous edema and lymphedema since.  The treatment of lymphedema requires additional considerations and an aspect of compression therapy as an adjunct to lymphatic massage, therefore the goals of a general lymphatic drainage massage as outlined here take advanced medical intervention. 

I decided to open this business as the further I became involved in treating swelling I realized that there are so many more benefits to manual lymphatic drainage than just reducing swelling.  Thus I wanted to make this service accessible to anyone who wants to benefit from stimulating your lymphatic system.  I am hoping through this business I will also be able to educate the public on the lymphatic system in general and how without it, our bodies would not survive.

If you are interested in pursing treatment for lymphedema, venous edema or widespread swelling and would like a free 30 minute consult to explore your options, please select that option on the booking page and I will walk you through what treatment entails.



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