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Your lymphatic system is the ONLY system in your body that collects and transports the waste from your cells and cellular processes. I like to say, just like we poop our cells poop and dump that waste between all of our cells. It is your lymphatic systems JOB to uptake that waste and bring it to your lymph nodes for filtering and processing. 

If we didn't have a functioning lymphatic system, we would auto-pollute ourselves to the point of death within 48 hours. GROSS!

So you can see the grave importance our lymphatic system can have on our health and the health of our tissues. If we are living our lives with stagnant fluid build up, this can lead to disease processes. 

Manual lymphatic drainage massage uses your bodies lymphatic system by increasing it's function in order to speed up the detoxification process.  In a sense I am creating a large suction or vacuum effect in your body to accelerate this process. 

WHAT TO EXPECT: Expect to pee a little more after the session. Your urine make look or smell different than normal as the crud, crap and debris is filtering out of your body through your urine.  Increase your water intake for the following 48 hours to help this process.  

You may encounter what we call the "detox flu". This does not happen to everyone, but can happen if we found something floating around in your body and now brought it to a lymph node, your body will mount your immune response and you could potentially feel crappy for less than 24 hours. 

You may feel more tired after the session. This is because your lymphatic system normally beats at approx. 10-12 beats per minute. After a lymphatic drainage massage, this will be increased by 100 fold. Which may give you a sense of fatigue. But don't worry, this will quickly turn into improve energy and mental clarity as your body detoxes. Wahoo!

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