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Amazing sinus relief and swelling reduction results!

I recently had 2 clients come in, both for very different reasons, however both received amazing results that I would like to highlight and share.

Client 1 sent me a message via Facebook that said "HELP! So today I put my jeans on and noticed my left calf is a good 1/4 inch larger than my right. My pant leg is tight on my left😩 and not on my right. Could this by a lymph issue? I have no pain, nothing."

Can I just say I was so excited to get my hands on that calf!! This client came in for one 45 minute session and in that time frame, through targeted manual lymphatic drainage, I was able to reduce the swelling and tightness of the skin to back to baseline! She was thrilled and could hardly believe her eyes. We even got the tape measure out to prove it!

Client 2 was struggling with sinus issues December with no results. Here we are in mid-January and she was ready to try a new approach. That's when she contacted me! She purchased a 60 minute full body lymphatic massage, however I customized it to her goal of sinus relief and I worked a little longer on the head and neck drainage. Later that evening I got a message from her stating that she finally feel relief! Another victory for me.

This boys and girls is exactly why I LOVE this stuff! My vision is to heal through my hands, and if I can change the quality of life for a handful of people I feel so rewarded!

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