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What to expect after a lymphatic massage

So you are considering getting a lymphatic massage, but curious what will happen afterwards? I have the answers for you. Now remember, every person is different and each will experience things differently. That being said, here are the most common things to expect after a 60 minute lymphatic drainage massage with me.

  1. Relaxation: During a lymphatic massage I am stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system which is your "rest and digest" system of the autonomic nervous system. So it is with 100% confidence that you will be relaxed both during the session and afterwards. The gentle rhythmic strokes of a lymphatic massage will in a sense rock you to sleep, leaving you feeling uber relaxed post massage.

  2. Expect to have an increased need to urinate. If not more frequently, in larger quantity. The whole purpose of a manual lymphatic drainage massage is to help balance fluid and remove waste/toxins from the body, and how does that happen, through your urine. The increased need to urinate is actually a really really good thing. We are getting rid of the water, crud, crap and debris in our system. Yipee!

  3. Urine may look or smell different than normal. This is common as well due to the above. As we are getting rid of the unwanted waste and fluid, the urine may look different or possibly even smell different.

  4. Increased energy and vitality. With the powerful detoxification effect of a lymphatic massage also comes the side effect of increased energy and mental clarity. If your body is bogged down and sluggish due to a build up of toxins and cellular waste, it would only be natural to feel so much more alive and energetic after cleaning out the junk.

  5. Reduced swelling/bloat. The powerful effect of lymphatic drainage on fluid reduction is undeniable. The lymphatic system is responsible for 90% of all fluid regulation in the body. So expect a reduction in swelling, bloat and puffiness. If your swelling is a chronic problem, we may have to talk about additional interventions that are needed.

  6. Increased thirst. It is recommended to stay hydrated for at least 48 hours after a lymphatic massage. After a 60 minute lymphatic massage your lymphatic system speeds up by 100x. This can increase the feeling of thirst, so listen to your body and replenish the fluids. Don't worry, the water you drink does not go to your legs. In fact, drinking water actually helps speed up lymphatic drainage. Think of a dry desert with cracks and crevices. You likely won't find a raging river in this type of environment. However a nice lush rainforest will have beautiful waterfalls and thriving plant life. Think of your body and cells like the beautiful rainforest. In order for the lymphatic system to stay healthy and moving, it needs water.

  7. Detox "flu". Now I have been doing manual lymphatic drainage for over 3 years now and I can say this has only occurred 5 times. What can happen at times is what is coined the "detox flu". Some folks are just more sensitive to the detox process and it may make you feel crummy. Now when I say this, the crumminess last less than 24 hours. You could experience flue-like symptoms like nausea, headaches, achiness, swollen lymph nodes and fever. The reason this might occur is simple. It is possible to have viruses and bacteria lingering around in our bodies. If this virus/bacteria is now transported to your lymph nodes for elimination, your body will be working harder to fight it and eliminate it. But in the end, this is a good thing. More detoxification and a boosted immune response.

  8. Boosted immune system. Although you can't see or feel this side effect, you can be assured that it is happening behind the scenes. Your lymphatic system is essentially your immune system. If you increase the pumping action of your lymphatic system, you are in turn improving your immune response by increasing the filtration rate and locating and attacking invaders faster.

I think that about sums it up. I am so passionate about the lymphatic system and all the amazing health and wellness benefits that come along with it. If you want more information, please send me an email at

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