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What to expect from a lymphatic massage

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

This massage is much different than your typical spa style deep tissue massage. A deep tissue massage is often applied with deep pressure to target muscles. This massage is targeted towards the fragile superficial lymphatic net which is skin deep. The strokes required are soft, slow and rhythmic in nature.

The lymph node clusters that are targeted require increased pressure to “wring” out the fluid. This massage stimulates your parasympathetic nervous systems which elicits relaxation and digestion. As we are assisting with fluid regulation, you may have the urge to urinate after this massage, of which is perfectly normal and healthy.

The lymph fluid that is targeted for removal is propelled through your circulatory system including your heart, kidneys, liver and bladder for elimination. During this massage there will be no use of lotions or oils as it is best performed with hands on skin touch.

People who should avoid this type of massage?

It is always recommended to speak to your doctor before trying any kind of massage or therapy, especially those with the possibility for the following conditions:

··· An acute infection of the skin or body ··· If you have experienced a blood clot in the past 6 months

··· Acute/active/untreated cancer; renal failure or severe kidney disease that is not managed

··· Congestive heart failure that is not managed

··· Significant eczema that could spread to other parts of the body

··· Problems with circulation

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